Assigned ETSI XML URIs

List of Assigned ETSI XML URIs    ETSI XML URI Namespace

ETSI has defined a URI Namespace for use specifically as identifiers within XML code which is published as part of an ETSI specification.  The root namespace is:

The ETSI URI Namespace is structured into 3 domains:

  • Deliverable Based Domain

  • Common Domain

  • ETSI Identified Organization Domain

The following is the list of assigned URIs under the Common Domain and the ETSI Identified Organization Domain.

Common Domain

The following Common Domains have been registered.  Please refer to the indicated ETSI deliverable to find the structure of a particular common domain.


Technical Body

ETSI deliverable
describing structure

Date allocated

TTCN-3 MTS   June 2005
TrstSvc ESI TS 102 231 January 2006
NGN TISPAN   September 2006
upm HF ES 202 746 December 2009
m2m M2M   November 2011
ori ORI GS ORI 002-2 August 2012
lis LIS GS LIS 002 December 2012

ETSI Identified Organization Domain

The following ETSI Identified Organizations have been registered :


Company Name

Contact e-mail Date allocated
(no assignments)