This indicator expressed as a URI indicates:


A certificate generation service, not qualified, creating and signing non-qualified public key certificates based on the identity and other attributes verified by the relevant registration services.


When applicable, this service type shall be further specified through the use of an additionalServiceInformation extension (clause within a Service information extension (clause 5.5.9) by using the appropriate identifiers indicating the nature of the public key certificates for which the status has been granted, i.e. certificates for electronic signatures, certificates for electronic seals, and/or certificates for website authentication (as specified in clause
When the certificate validity status information (e.g. CRLs, OCSP responses) related to the certificates issued by the listed "CA/PKC" identified service are not signed by the private key corresponding to the listed public key and when no certificate chain/path exists from the related certificate validity status information services (either CRL issuing entities or OCSP responders) to the listed "CA/PKC" identified service public key, those certificate validity status information services shall be listed separately.