This indicator expressed as a URI indicates:

Having been previously supervised, the trust service provider's service and potentially the trust service provider itself has failed to continue to comply with the provisions laid down in the applicable European legislation, as determined by the Member State identified in the "Scheme territory" (see clause 5.3.10) in which the trust service provider is established. Accordingly the service has been required to cease its operations and shall be considered by relying parties as ceased for the above reason.
The status value "Supervision Revoked" may be a definitive status, even if the trust service provider then completely ceases its activity; it shall not be migrated (without any intermediate status) to either "Supervision of Service in Cessation" or to "Supervision Ceased" status in this case. The only way to change the "Supervision Revoked" status is to recover from non-compliance to compliance with the provisions laid down in the applicable European legislation according the appropriate supervision system in force in the Member State owing the trusted list, and regaining "Under Supervision" status. "Supervision of Service in Cessation" status, or "Supervision Ceased" status shall be used when a TSP directly ceases its related services under supervision; they shall not be used when supervision has been revoked.